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Please note: if you are completing 23 Things as part of the Curtin Extra program, you must complete a minimum of 12 modules before submitting a final reflection. To find out more, visit your profile.

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Communication and collaboration is essential in both professional and private life. In every industry, there is a need to communicate effectively and collaborate with others to achieve common goals, complete projects, and work smoothly with others.

This collection of Things focuses on enhancing your ability to communicate via written and visual mediums, make your content accessible to all members of your audience, and collaborate using cloud-based software.


This collection of Things gears you up to create your own online content. Discover your online identity, learn how to make your content copyright-safe and accessible for all, and get creating your own images or videos.


This collection of Things focuses on exploring your creative side! Learn how to stretch your creativity through a range of mediums. Design a 3D masterpiece, create a game, edit a photo or video, and/or write a digital story – the world is your oyster!


Emerging technology of the 21st century can seem like science fiction made real. Many of these technologies have become part of daily life, existing as invisible networks around us and accessible through our mobile devices. As we continue forward into the future, these technologies will become an even larger part of the world around us.

This collection of Things explores popular emerging technology and the necessary skills to navigate these and future technology, including coding, online collaboration, and spotting misinformation.


This collection of Things explores all things computers and the internet: what they are, how they work, and what they can do. Explore the technical components that make computers run, discover how to protect yourself from security threats, and discover tips and tricks to work smarter.


This collection of Things focuses on how to successfully and safely navigate aspects of online life; discover how to best present yourself online, collaborate with others, and protect yourself from the threats and misinformation that lurk on the world wide web.


This collection of Things helps you make the most of your time and navigate study or workplace tasks with confidence. Explore methods to keep your files safe, tidy and optimised, and learn how to make sense to data and present it with pizzazz.


As the digital landscape evolves, so do the skills required by educators to understand and navigate popular and emerging technology.

This collection of Things explores how to make material more accessible, particularly for students who may face barriers, and how digital storytelling can be used as a mechanism for communicating ideas. Additionally, this collection also includes key skills that may benefit students in their own online lives by helping them stay safe and build positive identities online, spot misinformation, and understand copyright when re-using content.


This collection of Things explores all things data, data, data. Understand how to make sense of all those numbers, visualise and present it in appealing ways, and be critical of data you come across in the wild.