23 Things is an online program where you can develop the digital skills you need for success in your studies, work and life.

The program is activity-based. We want you to have fun learning new things while trying out different tools and technology.

There are 23 topics to choose from, all created by students. Modules include videos, activities, and free open software programs for you to try. Each module also has a creative challenge. Here’s where you can put your new skills into practice to create something using a new tool or technology. Making things is the best way to learn!

Modules are also sorted into different categories, which allows you to learn skills with a particular goal in mind. Categories include content creation, emerging technology and more.

It’s more fun to learn with other people and we want you to engage with fellow students. You can post your digital creations on the Curtin Makers Facebook Group.

23 Things was developed as a “students as partners” project. Curtin Library employs students from diverse disciplines and backgrounds to create the content and assist in running the program.

The program was initially funded by the Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program. It is modelled on and inspired by the many 23 Things programs that have been developed since the original program was run in 2006, including the University of Edinburgh 23 Things.

The content has been created using H5P and, except where otherwise stated, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0 International Licence for adaptation and re-use. We ask that you attribute any use of the content as created by Curtin University Library with a link to the Curtin Library 23 Things website.

All characters appearing in the Curtin Library 23 Things program are part of Certitude, a fictional news-checking game developed by the Curtin University Library Makerspace. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

For any further enquiries, contact makerspace@curtin.edu.au